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New Distillery Creek Interpretive Signage

The new interpretive signs at Distillery Creek Picnic Ground are a joint project between Friends of Eastern Otways, ANGAIR and Parks Vic.

The journey to the installation of the signs was a long and arduous one.

The journey started in 2008 when Friends of Eastern Otways suggested to Parks Vic that it might be a good idea to have a joint project to replace the existing signs – after all they were beginning to rust out and look a bit shabby. They still contained quite an amount of relevant information but the Angahoook-Lorne State Park no longer existed – The Department of Conservation and Environment no longer existed – we don’t have Brown Treecreepers or Tuans in this forest, and you’re not that likely to hear a Rufous Bristlebird in the area.

The text and illustrations were gradually refined over the years, and ANGAIR became a joint partner, contributing to the overall cost of the project. The number of signs was dictated by the length of the track according to Parks Vic policy. We therefore ended up with seven signs that have been placed where we believe the most important features are found.

The signs were installed by Parks Vic staff on December 6, 2011 and the official unveiling of the signs occurred at the end of year barbecue celebration on December 11 when most people came on a guided walk along the track to view the signs.

Parks staff Distillery Creek sign Standing tall Flying high, foraging low sign Forest residents, forest life sign Hollow trees and natural recyclers Life on the edge A Bush Christmas sign

It was worth the effort!

Margaret MacDonald