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2-3 Hour Walks
Here are a selection of walks that are from 2 to 3 hours in duration, grouped by location, for your to explore.

Walks around Anglesea

Curly Wig Sedge
2–3 hr – 6.5 km circuit
Easy, a walk all age groups can enjoy
Tall Purple-flag
2–3 hr –7 km one way
shining peppermint
2 hr – 4.5 km circuit
Easy to moderate
2 hours for each section - 5,5 km; 4 hours for each circuit - 12 km; 7 hours for full walk - 22 km
Easy to medium

Walks around Anglesea – Fairhaven

Dam Wall
3 hr– 8 km return
Easy to moderate
Eastern Correa
2.5 hr– 7.5 km one way
Easy to moderate
Anglesea Grevillea
2 hr – 6.0 km one way
Easy to moderate

Walks around Moggs Creek

Colony of Nodding Greenhoods
Fairhaven option 2.5 hr – 7.0 km return; Moggs Creek option 1 hour – 2.5 km return
Both walks easy to moderate; uphill walk to the top of the ridge
Green Correa
2 hr – 5.0 km circuit
Easy to moderate but includes a fair amount of uphill walking
Musk Daisy
3 hr – 8.5 km one way
Moderate but some steep uphill and downhill

Walks around Lorne to Cumberland River

Yellow-bellied Glider
3 hr – 8.5 km one way
Easy to Moderate; hiking sticks recommended for river crossing
Eastern Yellow Robin
First lookout: 15 minutes – 300 m return; Second lookout: 30 minutes – 700 m return; Long walk: 3hr– 7.5 km one way
First lookout: Easy; Second lookout: Moderate; Long walk: Difficult, includes river crossings; hiking sticks recommended
Snowy Daisy-bush
2hr – 4.5 km return
Easy to moderate
Currawong with ferns
3hr – 8.5 km circuit
Moderate to difficult; track can be muddy; hiking sticks are recommended
lower kalimna falls
Lower Kalimna Falls: 2.5 hr – 6.25 km circuit; Upper Kalimna Falls: 3 hr – 9.0 km circuit
Easy when track is dry
2 hr – 5.5 km circuit
Moderate There are some stretches of uphill walking; hiking sticks recommended

Walks Jamieson to Grey River

Brown Thornbill
2.5 hr – 6.0 km one way
Moderate to difficult; hiking sticks recommended