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Walk 8: Urquhart Circuit
This delightful walk is part of the Surf Coast Walk. It combines a varied beach walk with an abundance of flora on the inland track.
Urquhart Bluff Beach Car Park – lower car park on the shoreline
1.5 hr – 4.5 km circuit
Easy to moderate. The beach section of this walk should only be attempted at low tide
How to get there

Drive down the Great Ocean Road 3.2 km west of O’Donohue Road, and turn left into the Urquhart Bluff Lower Car Park on the shoreline. Park in the defined car park.
The route can be undertaken in either direction, depending on tides. Alternatively, avoid the beach and walk the inland track in both directions, or arrange a car shuttle from the Sunnymeade Car Park.

Walk Notes
Blue-winged Parrot

From the Urquhart Bluff Beach Car Park, head to the bluff on the beach 100 m to your right. If the tide is too high and you cannot pass the bluff, consider instead taking the inland route that heads up the track beside the toilet block. If you can pass the bluff, the tide is low enough for you to take the beach route to the west.

Walk along the beach until your reach the delightful ‘Mermaid Pool’. Take care on the rocks here. Continue along the beach for 200 m until you reach a bluff where you need to climb over a rock platform. It can be slippery. Conditions change here so look out for the best route. Continue to the next bluff. There is no formal track, but the route becomes more obvious as you continue. Clamber up and follow the rocky shelf with cliffs to the right – do not go to the water’s edge. After 100 m cross a rock bridge with the ocean below on the left and a rock pillar on the right.

Continue to the right, around the pillar and clamber down to Sunnymeade Beach. Take care after rain as it can be slippery.

After exploring the rock arch continue along the beach for 350 m to a signposted track on the right. Follow the boardwalk through the sand dunes with Moonahs, ironbarks and then up more steps to pretty coastal heathland with banksias, tea-tree and other coastal plants. Turn right before private property. The vegetation becomes denser with pomaderris, Paper Flower, and Coastal Beard-heath. As you approach the Great Ocean Road, enjoy ocean glimpses through messmates and tea-trees. Watch out for orchids and listen to the birds.

After 4 km, stop at a seat to enjoy the view through sheoaks to Point Roadknight and beyond. Follow the track down to the car park.

Bird Calls
New Holland Honeyeater
Red Wattlebird
Pied Currawong

New Holland Honeyeater (Recording by Marc Anderson, CC BY); Red Wattlebird (Recording by Khristos Nizamis , CC BY); Pied Currawong (Recording by Marc Anderson, CC BY)

Check Out Fauna & Flora Below
Paper Flower (Photo by Phillipa Hesterman)
Prickly Teatree (Photo by Ellinor Campbell)

Moonah Trees (Photo by Ellinor Campbell)
Banksia (Photo by Margaret MacDonald)
Ironbark (bark) (Photo by Ethel Aardvark, CC BY)

Coast Beard-heath (Photo by Ellinor Campbell)
Rusty Pomaderris (Photo by Murray Fagg CC BY)