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Long walks:
More than 3 hours
A selection of longer walks in the Great Otways National Park, grouped by location, for you to explore

Walks around Anglesea

Tall Purple-flag
3.5 hr – 9.3 km circuit
Moderate. Track conditions may be poor after rain, some steep slopes.
4 hr – 10 km one way
Curly Wig Sedge
2 hours for each section - 5,5 km; 4 hours for each circuit - 12 km; 7 hours for full walk - 22 km
Easy to medium

Walks around Anglesea – Fairhaven

Southern Emu-wren
3–4 hr 10.2 km circuit

Walks around Lorne to Cumberland River

3.5 hr – 9.0 km circuit (if the river level is low)
Moderate to difficult. Some steep climbs and steps, hiking sticks are recommended