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Walk 11: Aireys Inlet Woodland Circuit
A walk through the ironbark forest and woodland area behind Aireys Inlet where you will find a variety of upperstorey and understorey vegetation. In the spring terrestrial orchids can be seen on the sides of the track. The second part of the walk follows close to the Distillery Creek, and is usually a great place to hear and possibly see many of the local birds.
Lower car park at Distillery Creek Picnic Ground
1.5 hr – 4.5 km circuit
Easy, with slight uphill grade for the first section. Take care with the short downhill section on Loves Track
How to get there

Turn off the Great Ocean Road at Bambra Road, just east of the bottom shops in Aireys Inlet. Follow the bitumen road alongside the Painkalac Creek Valley for 2.5 km and then turn left at junction of Bambra Road and Distillery Creek Road. The lower car park and picnic area is on the righthand side and the upper car park and picnic area on the left-hand side has an information board and toilets. Both have picnic tables and wood-fired barbecues (supply your own wood).

Walk Notes
Blue-winged Parrot

Begin the walk behind the lower Distillery Creek Picnic Area. There is a small sign indicating the Nature Trail. Take the righthand branch of the track, go over the boardwalk and continue until you come to a cross track (about 170 m).

Turn left at this intersection and head along Ironbark Drive through the tall ironbarks after which the track is named. In places there is quite a dense understorey of wattles, daisy bushes, pomaderris, Dusty Miller and other vegetation, while in other areas the ironbarks, with their blackened trunks, stand in cleared areas and are a reminder of the 1983 bushfires.

Ironbark Drive meets Loves Track where you turn right. There is a short section of downhill terrain before you come to the Currawong Falls Walking Track. Turn right again at this point and follow the narrow track alongside Distillery Creek to the picnic area. The vegetation has changed dramatically with a variety of tall eucalypts: Manna Gums, peppermints, Mountain Grey-gums and messmates, providing a canopy for the tall, dense understorey through which the track meanders. Sometimes a Powerful Owl can be seen in this area. The Victorian Christmas Bush flowers here from December to January.

After about 4 km you will reach the Aireys Inlet Nature Trail. You can turn right and return to the picnic area. However consider continuing straight ahead, cross Ironbark Drive and then return on the same short section you walked at the beginning of the walk.

Bird Calls
Powerful Owl
Australian Magpie
Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo

Powerful Owl (Recording by Eddy Smith, CC BY); Australian Magpie (Recording by Toby Esplin CC BY); Yellow-tailed Cockatoo (Recording by Marc Anderson, CC BY)

Check Out Fauna & Flora Below
Messmate (Photo by Arthur Chapman, CC BY)
Mountain Grey Gum (bark) (Photo by Poyt448)
Rusty Pomaderris (Photo by Murray Fagg CC BY)

Dusty Miller (Photo by Rob Shepherd)
Ironbark (tree) (Photo by Melburnian, GNU)
Shining Peppermint (Photo by Alison Watson)
Sweet Wattle (Photo by Ellinor Campbell)

Dusty Daisy-bush (Photo by Ellinor Campbell)
Manna Gum (Photo by Murray Fagg, CC BY)
Powerful Owl with kill (Photo by Moonlight0551, CC BY)
Victorian Christmas Bush (Photo by Ellinor Campbell)