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Walk 37: Wye River to Kennett River
A walk through predominantly blue-gum forest with dense understorey. Expansive views of the coast are accompanied by the ever-present sounds of the sea. There are many steps up and down.
Morley Ave near Wye River Hotel – car shuttle: leave pick-up car at Kennett River Picnic Area
3 hr – 6.0 km one way
Moderate to difficult; hiking sticks recommended
How to get there

Drive down Great Ocean Road to Wye River 17 km past Lorne. Turn right off Great Ocean Road near the Wye River store. Turn left into Morley Street and park near the Wye River Hotel. Walk up Morley Street to start of walk. Leave pick-up car at Kennett River Car Park near river.

Walk Notes
Blue-winged Parrot

This walk starts with an 800 m climb up the hill from the Wye River hotel along Morley Street. There is a map and sign at the top of the hill but very little car parking space. The first steep downhill section gives an indication of the hilly terrain. Here there is a seat to rest and enjoy the expanse of ocean.

The track levels out with continuous views of the sea. Blue-gums, Blanket-leaf, Hazel Pomaderris, Bootlace-bush, Hop Goodenia and Prickly Moses are some of the many plants to be seen. Enjoy the juvenile blue-gum growth with its rounded bluish leaves. Listen for the calls of the Rufous Bristlebird. Other birds you might see include Yellow-faced Honeyeater, Eastern Yellow Robin and Eastern Spinebill. Animals including Koalas, kangaroos, wallabies and echidnas may also be observed.

Another steep slope has a set of pleasant stone steps and views towards the Kennett River township. Looking back the trunks of the burnt eucalypts from the 2015 fire stand out above the surrounding recovering vegetation. At Birds Track turn right for a short distance before turning left onto a smaller track. A seat offers the chance for a rest and a good place to listen to the birds and enjoy the seascape.

Head downhill into Monash Gully and then begin a long uphill climb. Look for Koalas here as you catch your breath. The eucalypts are taller heading into Hitchcock Gully with ferns and attractive steps and large rocks to cross over the creek. This beautiful gully with its cool temperate rainforest vegetation is perhaps the highlight of the walk. Up a short hill you cross Kennett Road and find the site of the old timber mill with a sign explaining the milling history of the area. Reaching the end of the walk there is a great view across Kennett River Valley. The last downhill stage leads towards the bridge and back to the pick-up cars.

Bird Calls
Rufous Bristlebird (Dasyornis broadbenti)
Eastern Yellow Robin (Eopsaltria australis)
Eastern Spinebill

Rufous Bristlebird (Recording by Patrik Aberg CC BY); Eastern Yellow Robin (Recording by Vicki Powys CC BY); Eastern Spinebill (Recording by Marc Anderson, CC BY)

Check Out Fauna & Flora Below

Blue Gum (Photo by Geekstreet CC BY)
Hop Goodenia (Photo by Ellinor Campbell)
Eastern Yellow Robin (Photo by Rob Shepherd)
Koala (stretching up) (Photo by David Paul, CC BY)


Blanket Leaf (Photo by John Tann CC BY)
Bootlace Bush (Photo by Margaret MacDonald)
Rufous Bristlebird (Photo by Ron Knight CC BY)
Eastern Spinebill (Photo by JJ Harrison, CC BY)
Eastern Grey Kangaroo (Photo by JJ Harrison CC BY)

Hazel Pomaderris (Photo by Murray Fagg, CC BY)
Prickly Moses (Photo by DavidFrancis34, CC BY)
Yellow-faced Honeyeater (Photo by Ellinor Campbell)
Echidna (Photo by PCTRS)