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Walk 19 Fairhaven-Moggs Creek Ridge
An interesting walk through magnificent heathy woodland and heathland with spectacular coastal views at the end of the track. Colourful wildflowers appear in spring, and orchids in late winter and spring.
Fairhaven option - End of Ridge Road, Fairhaven; Moggs option - Old Coach Road
Fairhaven option 2.5 hr – 7.0 km return; Moggs Creek option 1 hour – 2.5 km return
Both walks easy to moderate; uphill walk to the top of the ridge
How to get there

Fairhaven option
Turn off Great Ocean Road at Lialeeta Road just past Painkalac bridge at Aireys Inlet. Follow Lialeeta Road for 0.4 km and then turn right into Ridge Road. Drive 0.7 km along Ridge Road and park at end of bitumen. Start walk on gravel track.
Moggs Creek option
Turn off the Great Ocean Road at Old Coach Road, east of the Moggs Creek Bridge. Turn right at the T intersection and continue along Old Coach Road for 1.5 km and park in Old Coach Road. Start walk at ‘Management Vehicles Only’ gated entrance.

Walk Notes
Blue-winged Parrot

Option 1– Fairhaven: Ridge Road

Start the walk at the gated entrance to the Park. The gravel track leads you through attractive heathy woodland with some fine stands of Austral Grass-trees. Often terrestrial orchids may be seen on the edge of the track. The track winds to the left and eventually brings you up on to the ridge.

Option 2– Moggs Creek: Old Coach Road

Start the walk at the ‘Management Vehicle Only’ sign at the gated entrance to the Park. The sandy track leads you through a fine stand of Sweet Wattle that flowers in May/June and is most attractive. Take your time climbing to the top of the ridge and you will be able to admire the wide variety of plants that grow in this treeless heathland habitat.

Both walks

Having reached the top of the hill it is interesting to walk the length of the ridge making your way along the ridgeline towards the coast. There are some good views of the Split Point Lighthouse at Aireys Inlet.

Coastal views and tree clad hills intermingle in the background while the heathland plants on either side of the track are fragile and beautiful. In the springtime you will find a variety of terrestrial orchids. There are additional tracks leading down to Fairhaven. Messmates are the main trees that grow in this coastal area, and you will notice how stunted and wind-pruned they are compared with those that grow further inland. Birdlife is abundant especially when the grass-trees are flowering.

Walk to the end of the track where you will gain spectacular views across the heathland hillside over the settlement of Moggs Creek to Eastern View and across the sea to Lorne.

Bird Calls
King Parrot
Golden Whistler
Fan-tailed Cuckoo

King Parrot (Recording by Marc Anderson CC BY); Golden Whistler (Recording by Ramit Singal CC BY); Fan-tail Cuckoo (Recording by Ian Woxvold CC BY)

Check Out Fauna & Flora Below

Messmate (Photo by Arthur Chapman, CC BY)
Donkey Orchid (Photo by Margaret MacDonald)
Fan-tailed Cuckoo (Photo by JJ Harrison CC BY)

Austral Grass-trees (Photo by Gail Sluikhuis)
Sweet Wattle (Photo by Ellinor Campbell)
Golden Whistler (Photo by JJ Harrison CC BY)

Colony of Nodding Greenhoods (Photo by Margaret MacDonald)
Small Spider Orchid (Photo by Margaret MacDonald)
King Parrot (Photo by Rob Shepherd)