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Walk 38: Grey River Nature Walk
This is a short but very special walk that gives you the experience of being in cool temperate rainforest where you will find giant Mountain Ash and other eucalypts, vines, tree ferns, mosses, lichens, liverworts, ferns and fungi all in the space of less than 1 km. This valley was regarded as special by early timber getters and was left unlogged.
Grey River Road Picnic Ground
45 minutes – 1.5 km one way
Easy, but the track needs to be negotiated with care
How to get there

Drive west along the Great Ocean Road 22 km past Lorne to Kennett River. Cross the bridge, turn right at the caravan park and then turn left into Grey River Road. Follow this unsealed road for 6.3 km to the Grey River Picnic Ground. There are picnic tables and wood-fired barbecues (supply your own wood).

Walk Notes
Blue-winged Parrot

Having left the picnic ground, cross the bridge on Grey River Road. Pause for a few minutes, lean on the rail and absorb the beauty of the river. In particular you will be aware of the varying shades of green within the Australian landscape. Take the first track on the left. Both the Rough and Soft tree fern can be found here. If you feel the fronds near the trunk of the fern you will notice the difference in texture. About 50 m down the track take the one on the left (marked River) and walk the short distance down to the riverbed where you can sit and enjoy the ambiance.

Retrace your steps a short distance and take the turn away from the river to the Lookout. Notice the large-buttressed Mountain Ash. These giant trees, which are the world’s tallest flowering plants, are scattered among the tall Manna Gums, Southern Blue-gums and other eucalypts.

Look for the Kangaroo Fern climbing up the trunks of the eucalypts and also the variety of fungi, mosses, liverworts and other small plants that grow on the dead trees, rocks, and along the sides of the track. Perhaps you may see the glossy Otway Black Snail, a carnivorous gastropod, that is sometimes found along tracks in the dark, cool parts of the walk.

Continue until you reach the end of the track to a lookout from where you gain views through the trees of the ferny gully and forested hills.

Retrace your steps for the return walk to the picnic area.

If you walk slowly, you may gain sightings of some bird-life. Rose Robins and Golden Whistlers are present in the area, and you are sure to hear many other bird calls.

Bird Calls
Rose Robin (Petroica rosea)
Golden Whistler
Crimson Rosella (Platycercus elegans elegans)

Rose Robin (Recording by Vicki Powys CC BY); Golden Whistler (Recording by Ramit Singal CC BY); Crimson Rosella (Recording by Marc Anderson, CC BY)

Check Out Fauna & Flora Below

Rough Tree-fern (Photo by Alison Watson)
Tall Manna Gum (Photo by Alison Watson)
Otway Black Snail (Photo by Lorraine Phelan CC BY)

Soft Tree-fern (Photo by Alison Watson)
Blue Gum (Photo by Geekstreet CC BY)
Rose Robin (Photo by JJ Harrison CC BY)
Crimson Rosella (Photo by Alison Watson)

Mountain Ash buttress (Photo by Margaret MacDonald)
Kangaroo Fern (Photo by Mark Marathon CC BY)
Fungi and moss bed (Photo by Penne Kwait)
Golden Whistler (Photo by JJ Harrison CC BY)