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Walk 20: Moggs Creek Coastal Heathland Walk
A short uphill walk through spectacular coastal heathland along a well-defined track leading to the Ocean View Lookout with magnificent views of the coastline and the Southern Ocean.
Western end of Robyn Road, Moggs Creek
45 minutes – 1.5 km circuit
Easy to moderate. The track is well graded but includes a short section of steep uphill walking
How to get there

Drive down Great Ocean Road towards Lorne. Cross Moggs Creek Bridge and turn right into Bellbird Drive. Turn left into Robyn Road. Drive to end of road and park in informal car park.

Walk Notes
Blue-winged Parrot

Before you start the walk, take time to admire the coastal heathland that stretches out as you approach the sea. Follow the narrow track from the Ocean View Lookout sign as the track heads off in a westerly direction parallel to the Great Ocean Road. Just a few metres along the track there is a seat presented to Friends of Moggs Creek in 2015 in recognition of a 25-year partnership with Parks Victoria. From here there is a great coastal view framed by Drooping Sheoaks.

Having returned to the narrow track you will find yourself walking through a stand of the Drooping Sheoaks providing a sheltered walk even in windy weather. The edges of the track are lined with Cypress Daisy-bush with many bushes of Green Correa with its distinctive tubular flowers that attract honeyeaters to the area.

The first part of the track is a gentle climb, but when you reach the section where steps have been made the track becomes steeper. The vegetation opens up with stunted, wind-pruned eucalypts and heathland plants including Silver Banksia, Common Heath, Cypress Daisy-bush, Horny Cone-bush, Erect Guinea-flower and the rarer Gorse Bitter-pea and Ploughshare Wattle which flowers in June. Once you reach the end of the track you will see the Ocean View Lookout with magnificent panoramic views of the coastline from Aireys Inlet to Lorne.

Having sat for a while enjoying these spectacular views take the track signed to Moggs Creek Picnic Ground. This track joins the wider Moggs Creek Track where you turn right and walk down the slope towards the settlement of Moggs Creek. The track is lined with Cypress Daisy-bush flowering in spring, and the winter flowering pink Common Heath. The track leads you to a gated entrance on this management track. Walk through the gate and there are some steps leading down on to the firebreak and back to the start of the walk.

Bird Calls
Eastern Yellow Robin
Crimson Rosella
Grey Shrikethrush

Eastern Yellow Robin (Recording by Vicki Powys CC BY); Grey Shrikethrush (Recording by Marc Anderson, CC BY); Crimson Rosella call (Recording by Marc Anderson, CC BY)

Check Out Fauna & Flora Below

Ploughshare Wattle (Photo by Neil Blair CC BY)
Gorse Bitter-pea (Photo by DavidFrancis34 CC BY)
Cypress Daisy-bush (Photo by Ellinor Campbell)

Green Correa (Photo by Margaret MacDonald)
Drooping Sheoak (Photo by Ellinor Campbell)
Banksia (Photo by Margaret MacDonald)
Horny Cone-bush (Photo by Margaret MacDonald)

Erect Guinea-flower (Photo by Ellinor Campbell)
Messmate (Photo by Arthur Chapman, CC BY)
Common Heath (Photo by Ellinor Campbell)