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Walk 26: Lemonade Creek Track
Linking Blanket Leaf Picnic Ground and the Erskine Falls Car Park, this fascinating walk leads you through some very interesting vegetation, and offers great views of the forest and the creek gullies. The creek is crossed several times by way of small bridges and boardwalks. It is a track to stroll along, enjoying the views and listening for birds. Perhaps you will see or hear a Rose Robin.
Blanket Leaf Picnic Ground on Erskine Falls Road – car shuttle: leave pick-up car at Erskine Falls Car Park
1.5 hr – 4.0 km one way
Easy to moderate, some slightly uphill climb
How to get there

Drive west on the Great Ocean Road and cross the Erskine River bridge at Lorne. Take the first turn right into Otway Street. Continue along this road for 0.6 km to William Street and turn right at the Erskine Falls sign. Continue along this road for 7 km until you reach the car park and picnic area on the left. There are toilets, a small shelter, an information board, picnic tables and wood-fired barbecues (supply your own wood).

Walk Notes
Blue-winged Parrot

Follow the ‘Lemonade Creek/Cora Lynn’ signs from the Blanket Leaf Picnic Ground. After approximately 500 m you will find another sign where the Lemonade Creek Track branches off to the right. This narrow track makes its way through the forest amongst the tall eucalypts and a variety of ferns. The attractive Common Bird Orchids grow here in profusion and flower in October/November.

After approximately 1.5 km you will need to cross the Lorne to Erskine Falls Road, and then, directly opposite, follow the driveway on private land for a short distance. There is a sign on the right indicating the access to Erskine Falls.

This is where you are likely to hear the Rose Robin. The first part of this track is most spectacular as you walk beside the top of the gully. Beneath the tall eucalypts there is a dense understorey of wire-grass, Hop Goodenia and Dusty Miller. In the springtime you will be enthralled with the purple perfumed flowers of the Balm Mint-bush and the white flowers of the Snowy Daisy-bush. Having crossed the second wooden bridge there are some views of the gully featuring the tall straight trunks of the eucalypts and the tall tree ferns. The track goes down to the level of the creek and crosses the creek several times. It is very pleasant to walk in the fern gully under the canopy of tree ferns. As you cut across the ridge towards Erskine Falls the vegetation changes to more open woodland and then once again it changes back to ferns before you cross the last wooden bridge and climb up to the Erskine Falls Car Park.

Bird Calls
Rose Robin (Petroica rosea)
White-eared Honeyeater
White-throated Treecreeper

Rose Robin (Recording by Vicki Powys CC BY); White-eared Honeyeater (Recording by Marc Anderson, CC BY); White-throated Treecreeper (Recording by Marc Anderson, CC BY)

Check Out Fauna & Flora Below

Rose Robin (Photo by JJ Harrison CC BY)
Wire-grass (Photo by Macleay Grass Man CC BY)
Snowy Daisy-bush (Photo by Melburnian GNU)
Fern Gully (Photo by Margaret MacDonald)

Common Bird Orchid (Photo by Margaret MacDonald)
Hop Goodenia (Photo by Ellinor Campbell)

Balm Mint-bush (Photo by Margaret MacDonald)
Dusty Miller (Photo by Rob Shepherd)
Rough Tree-fern (Photo by Alison Watson)