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Walk 32: Kalimna Falls
A walk through delightful fern gullies to a picturesque waterfall. Step back in history as you follow the route of the old timber tramways used to transport timber to the Lorne Pier from the 1890s to the 1920s, when logging ceased. Historical markers outline the history of the area. A few very large old trees that escaped logging can still be seen amongst the younger trees.
Sheoak Picnic Ground on Garvey Track
Lower Kalimna Falls: 2.5 hr – 6.25 km circuit; Upper Kalimna Falls: 3 hr – 9.0 km circuit
Easy when track is dry
How to get there

Drive west on the Great Ocean Road and cross the Erskine River bridge at Lorne. Take the first turn right into Otway Street, which becomes Allenvale Road. Continue until you reach the roundabout 1 km from the bridge. Veer right and then turn left following the Allenvale Road sign. Continue along this road until you reach the Sheoak Picnic Ground 3.5 km from the roundabout. There are toilets, an information board, picnic tables and gas barbecues.

Walk Notes
Blue-winged Parrot

Follow the Lower Kalimna Falls Track opposite the car park. This well-defined track follows Sheoak Creek through tall eucalypts with a diverse understorey of tree ferns, other ferns, and wattles. It is worth stopping and looking up the tall trunks. Enjoy the smell of the forest. Depending on the season you will see a variety of flowers of many colours. There could also be lots of fungi on the logs and tree trunks. Many birds can be heard even if not seen both on the ground and high in the trees.

The track, which can be muddy after rain, crosses the creek via bridges over gullies. Follow the sign posted track to the right and drop to the base of the Kalimna Falls. The Falls themselves, although not large, usually have water flowing over the undercut rock ledge. This cave-like formation is a picturesque place to pause and enjoy looking through the waterfall splashing into the large pool at its base. Mossy logs and rocks make the area most picturesque.

To continue on to Upper Kalimna Falls, retrace your steps to the main track and turn right. Follow the track to the Upper Falls which consist of a series of cascades.

On the return route take the alternative track that branches off to the left with a sign to Sheoak Picnic Area. This takes you over a well-constructed bridge and through a tramway cutting used during the time of timber harvesting. The historical marker towards the end of the walk contains interesting information. Cross the road and follow the Nature Trail back to the picnic area. The arching tree ferns are quite beautiful.

Bird Calls
White-throated Treecreeper
Grey Shrikethrush
Eastern Yellow Robin (Eopsaltria australis)

White-throated Treecreeper (Recording by Marc Anderson, CC BY); Grey Shrikethrush (Recording by Marc Anderson, CC BY); Eastern Yellow Robin (Recording by Vicki Powys CC BY)

Check Out Fauna & Flora Below

Sheoak Creek (Photo by Alison Watson)
Upper Kalimna Falls (Photo by Joe Bolza)
Fern Gully (Photo by Margaret MacDonald)

Walking on tramway (Photo by Joe Bolza)
Lower Kalimna Falls cave (Photo by Joe Bolza)
Fungi and moss bed (Photo by Penne Kwait)

Lower Kalimna Falls under (Photo by Alison Watson)
Tall Manna Gum (Photo by Alison Watson)
Fungi on log (Photo by Penne Kwait)