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2015 End of Year Celebrations

Once again the Moggs Creek Picnic Grounds was our venue for the joint celebration between Friends of Eastern Otways and ANGAIR to mark the end of another year of successful activities.

Those interested in going for a walk before lunch met at the picnic ground at 10am and then walked along the track following the course of the creek. As we all know it has been a very dry year and the flowers that we usually admire on this walk were sadly missing – although a few were identified:-

Derwent Speedwell
Derwent Speedwell with its sprays of white flowers

Victorian Christmas Bush
Victorian Christmas Bush flowering in the gully

Common Cassinia
Common Cassinia with its crowded flat-topped flower-heads



We stopped on the wooden bridges to look for water but the creek and gully were bone-dry although further along we did find one very small area that was holding water – perhaps enough for the birds to have a drink!

Owl pellet

We found an owl pellet and the tip of a sugar glider tail on the track. It would appear the Powerful Owl has been, or is still a resident of the area.

Back at the picnic ground and many more of our members had arrived on the scene.

Lachie and Ross
Lachie and Ross had the barbecue under control

Plenty of food
There was plenty of food for people to enjoy

Among the Ironbarks
It was very pleasant among the Ironbarks chatting with friends and enjoying each other’s company

Ros thanked everyone for their contribution during 2015, and wished people a happy festive season

To round off the celebration the Friends unveiled their new interpretative display – recognition to the group by Parks Vic for their 25 year’s service to the Park

Alison and Margaret
Alison and Margaret do the honours of unveiling the display


Display board
A close-up of the display

Another year over and we look forward to 2016

Marg MacDonald