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Big Hill and Reedy Creek Track Walk and Mammal Survey

After a short car shuttle, the party of 14 assembled at the start of Big Hill Track under the power lines. A 4 wheel drive was used to carry the cameras and hair tube equipment up the hill to the dam site at the top of Reedy Creek Track. This car also carried four persons who were to set out the cameras before the main party of ten walkers reached the dam site.

Setting up cameras

Setting up cameras
Setting up cameras

The walking party took it slowly up the initial steep part of Big Hill Track having morning tea near the side foot track to Kelsalls Rock. Another stop was made to view the panorama over Grassy Creek valley and beyond.

A planned burn and fuel reduction has been scheduled for the forest area bounded by Big Hill Track, Packhorse track and Reedy Creek Track. This has resulted in hundreds of eucalypts being bulldozed or cut down fronting the burn site for a distance of 50 metres or so from the tracks. The trees bulldozed or cut down are mainly older trees with partly rotten cores and happily the smaller trees have been left so except for the heaps of fallen trees beside the track, the view from the track is not entirely bare. Maybe the extra light has allowed the pink heath to flower in profusion along the tracks.

We met up with the “Camera Crew” at the dam where we had lunch sitting on the embankment.

Lunch stop

After lunch Kaye explained the procedure for setting out the hair tubes – it is a long time since we have used this equipment.

Hair tube setup

These were placed in proximity to the dam – hopefully creatures will be attracted there for water.

Joe places one of the hair tubes – we have had success with Spot-tailed Quolls here in 2003.

Joe setting hair tube

From the dam It was mainly down hill along Reedy Creek Track to the waiting cars with views out to sea, finally skirting the private property and houses in Broadbent Road.

Walking down the track

Report by Lachie Richardson, Photos by Margaret MacDonald