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Fungi at Lake Elizabeth

In June, FEO committee members Keith, John, and I, along with budding young naturalist Ollie, went to Lake Elizabeth in the Great Otway National Park to explore and photograph the amazing fungi that erupt out of the ground in winter. Specifically, we were hunting for a rare fungi known seductively as the Green Earth Tongue (Microglossum sp.). It had been sighted at Lake Elizabeth and we wanted to see it!

The team admire the beautiful Lake Elizabeth

Also on the hunt was Reiner, one of Australia’s most amazing naturalists, and by far the most prolific observer of the natural world in Australia. He lives every day observing and photographing the incredible biodiversity of Victoria, making over 200,000 observations of Australia’s biodiversity. His fantastic knowledge was a treat for us nature nerds, who were very excited and pleased to meet this living legend: Reiner Richter

The colours and the structures of the fungi we found were amazing and hopefully, these photographs can do justice to the amazing and incredible world that is the small fungi of the deep Otways, in the Great Otway National Park.

Ollie finds a large mushroom to photograph

Unfortunately, despite having 6 of us searching for the earth tongue we were unable* to find it, having to settle for all the other extraordinary things on offer! Which did include a Platypus swimming around.

John demonstrates his fungi photo technique

*Update – unsatisfied with our failure to locate Microglossum, weeks later our ever peripatetic 20,000 steps-a-day secretary Keith did go back and did find this elusive and intriguing species – well done Keith!

John and Keith win no fashion prizes but are very fun guys