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Ironbark Gorge Walk

Due to restricted numbers it was a small group that set out on the Ironbark Gorge Walk on a chilly morning.


In the Distillery Creek carpark we marvelled at the thick carpets of blossom that the rowdy cockatoos had dropped.

ironbarkflowersIronbark blossum

Along the track it wasn’t long before we noticed the Mosquito Orchids with their heart shaped leaves. A few Tall Greenhoods were in bud. The Spreading Wattle was starting to flower.

spreadingwattleSpreading Wattle

We enjoyed the views across to the other side of the gorge and realized we had been steadily climbing. Birds were difficult to see but we recognized the ‘Egypt’ call of the Crescent Honeyeater. There were lots of Eastern Spinebills flitting in and out of the trees and not doubt enjoying the flowering Correa.


Geoff Carr is in the process of renaming our local Correa as a separate species.

grahaminoldtreeGraham in an old tree

At the bridge we stopped for morning tea and enjoyed the still pools below us. On our way back on the shadier side we noted the numerous ferns, mosses and lichen and also various fungi.

mossesfernslichensVariety of mosses, ferns and lichen

We finished the morning walk with lunch around a picnic table. It was an enjoyable walk in good company.

Alison Watson