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Kennett River excursion and mammal survey

We were very pleased to take people to our property at Kennett River. We began the day leisurely enjoying coffee at the Wye River store.

As we drove up Kennett Rd last year’s burn was evident on the right. There were small patches of purple Mint-bush still evident on the left of the track. At the top of the drive we stopped to observe the old plank still firmly embedded in a tree and speculated on its purpose. It was fairly clear of undergrowth beneath the trees and some obvious animal paths crisscrossed the area so we set up the cameras on both sides of the track, and then two more near the overgrown dam.

 Setting up the camera
Setting up the cameras

 Exploring the forest
Exploring the forest

We had a close look at an active Satin Bowerbird bower with lots of blue – tape, flowers and feathers scattered amongst a collection of yellow flowers.


After a pleasant picnic lunch under shady trees in the old orchard we set out to walk the ‘circuit’. We marvelled at the tall Messmate, Blue Gums, Mountain Ash and Grey Gum, and tree-ferns sprouting new growth and enjoyed the flowering Clematis, Cassinia, and Hazel Pomaderris.

Pomaderris and Clematis

Birds seen and heard included Golden Whistler, Yellow Robin and Bristlebird. Just one koala was spotted on our walk.

Despite some leech attacks and tricky, slippery mud in one gully it was an enjoyable day in the sun with excellent company.

Alison Watson