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Eibike ride through nature at Cape Otway

After an early start, 11 of us (eight riders & three walkers) enjoyed morning tea at Bimbi Park, Cape Otway.

The riders selected their bikes, and spent a short time acquainting themselves with how the bikes worked, adjusting seats and doing a few practice laps in the training paddock. Some tackled a raised platform that was there for other groups…There were lots of laughs and yelps as everyone familiarised themselves with the pedal assist and small throttle abilities of some of the bikes.

eathorneEathorne Mitchell whizzing along

The ride took the group down the road, and into a neighbouring property. The terrain was undulating with a few sharp hills, sweeping views, and stands of Manna Gum trees showing the effects of over-browsing by the local koala population whilst Messmate trees seemed untouched.

Early on, a Wedge-tailed Eagle was spotted high overhead. The group eventually stopped on the high side of a hill to enjoy the incredible ocean views before heading back on a different track through a stunning stand of Messmate trees.

A fallow deer quietly grazing was spotted by a couple of riders on the return home and a wallaby passed the track in front of a couple of others. Lunch was enjoyed as a whole group before a little koala spotting on the way home.

Walkers Marg Elso and Kaye Traynor went looking for orchids, observing Onion Orchid as well as Native Elderberry with one species unidentified – any suggestions?

margandkayeMarg and Kaye

onionorchidOnion Orchid

nativeelderberryNative Elderberry

unidentifiedAny suggestions?

postrideHappy riders post the ride

Sue Guinness